NAV online invoicing in 2020

Online invoicing in accordance with NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration) tax legislation, without risks, free of charge.

Use an invoicing software approved by NAV, invoice with us free of charge and operate in accordance with the rules in a 100% NAV-compatible way!


Check out our step by step guide for NAV online invoicing registration, and connect your Számlá invoice account with the NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration) Online Invoice System.

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Why do you need an online invoicing system?

The obligation to connect invoicing progammes to NAV means that data regarding each invoice issued for transactions between domestic taxpayers shall be reported to NAV from 1 July 2020.

This means that we forward ALL invoices issued for transactions between domestic taxpayers to NAV.

MOREOVER, from 1 January 2021, it is required to report data regarding all invoices regardless of the amount of VAT and the taxpayers.
Online invoicing softwares, installed (offline) softwares and paper-based invoices issued manually with a block of invoices are all subject to the obligation to report data online, therefore the tax authority itself urges all enterprises to use online invoicing softwares.

Isn’t it nice to have:

Számlá provides its users with a full range of online invoicing services that comply with NAV regulations from the #free services package to the #profi service package.


Any questions? You may find detailed information in our Knowledge Base.

Technical guide for NAV online invoicing registration

We will automatically send your relevant invoices to the tax authority from the entry into force of the new regulation, but you can also take full advantage of online invoicing until then:

You may request extra convenience services in addition to free online invoicing:

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