Online data connection with the accountant

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to issue invoices that do their own accounting?

Of course, this is impossible – no invoice can do this.
However, a cooperation between Számlá and the connected accounting systems is possible!


IMPORTANT: We would like to help you with the operation of your enterprise in these tough times, too. Digitalization and working from home play a more important role than ever, therefore the ”Data connection with the accountant” function will be available for everyone (even the users of the #free package) until 30 December 2020 – this way you can keep in touch with your accountant online.

Számlá can send all data of outgoing invoices and incoming invoices issued in the Számlá system for you to an external system, e.g. an accounting programme. The function was primarily created so that you do not have to take invoice information on papers to your accountant manually or download data files that your accountant must load to his/her system afterwards – they are transferred to the online accounting system immediately and automatically.


Számlá can hand over the following types of documents to the receiving system:


Anytime the “status” of an invoice is changed, the invoice data are sent to the receiving system (first or repeatedly). The changes that can be set on the data sheet of the invoice are:

  • Issuing the invoice
  • Changing the payment status of the invoice
  • Changes to account details that can be modified later, namely:
    • Date of accounting
    • Customer general ledger number
    • Customer general ledger identifier
    • Revenue or VAT general ledger number for any invoice item
    • Economic event or VAT economic event for any invoice item

Why is it good for me?

Outgoing invoices and customer payments usually amount to 50-60% of accounting. You can automate at least half of the accounting with our solution, which makes your accounting more accurate, up-to-date and cheaper.

Our premier partners

QUiCK logo

QUiCK, the real time cost administration system

QUiCK is a cloud-based solution for entrepreneurs with which you can manage your company finances in a transparent and comprehensible way. With the help of QUiCK, you can store invoices digitally (and more importantly: in a searchable way), systematize the enterprise’s costs and revenues, and form a closer cooperation with the accountant for faster data processing – all at the same time. The developer, Riport Applications – just as in the case of its other services – aimed for more than just speeding up transaction processing. QUiCK’s mission is to help you manage your liquidity through systematizing your invoices, because this is what keeps businesses alive. Wondering what QUiCK is like? Try it free of charge!

SMARTBooks logo

SMARTBooks, the cloud-based accounting programme

SMARTBooks provides an effective, easy to use and paper-free connection between the accountant and its clients. It comes with a modern web-based interface. As an accounting professional, you may easily access the data of your clients using Számlá from anywhere, 24 hours a day. The automatic and online data connection makes manual data entry unnecessary, thus you can save hours on administration. Try it for 30 days, free of charge!

Online data connection is available with

”Offline” data connection

If you use an accounting system that does not have Számlá online data synchronization yet, you still do not have to write down invoice data manually or use other complicated procedures for this operation.

The so-called ”offline data connection” – that is, the export of invoices to CSV format for accountants – is available for use with 23 accounting programmes. You can transfer the invoice data of your clients to an accounting system by exporting a file with Számlá data and use the data import function to read it into the programme that you use.

Accounting systems suitable for export:

Frequently asked questions

Both Számlá and the connected service providers operate highly secure systems in a way that fully meets the important IT requirements of the 21st century.
Of course – you can cancel it by clicking on Financial settings (Pénzügyi beállítások) in Settings (Beállítások) and deleting the data fields.
The automatic accounting function is available for subscribers of the #profi package.
The list of connected systems is constantly updated. If you cannot find your accounting system in the list, please contact the operations unit of that specific accounting system, and inform them about the possibility of connecting the system.