Autokassza with K&H Bank!

Forget about the pairing of invoices and bank transfers arriving at your bank account! Save several hours a day with autokassza!

Now available for K&H Bank clients!


Do you like searching in your transaction list, trying to find out if your invoice has been paid? Probably not.

Would you like to send the invoice to your client automatically after he/she paid upon receipt of the pro forma invoice? Surely you would.

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autokassza advantages

If you have a K&H bank account and #profi or #digital package at Számlá, you can make maximum use of Számlá’s services. With autokassza, you can connect your bank account with your invoicing account, therefore you do not have to spend time pairing amounts arriving to your account and invoices any more

By doing this, you can save hours of work and forget about the ‘evening programme’ when you were browsing your bank account, then entered your invoicing software and looked up the invoices paired with the transactions… When you found them, you checked their payment information and recorded it in Számlá Remember?

Well, it is over now! If you connect your Számlá invoicing account and your K&H bank account, the whole process will be automated – from the pairing of invoices and recording their data to automatically issuing each invoice when the amount requested in a pro forma invoice arrives…


If you do not have a K&H bank account yet…

If you open a new K&H bank account as a Számlá customer, you can forget about the monthly fee of the business account package for a whole year!

Terms and conditions apply. For more information, see the K&H Bank website.


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Steps of activating the service

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Frequently asked questions

The autokassza service is available to you in the #digital and #profi packages.

Számlá launched the autokassza service with K&H Bank within the framework of its AISP license issued by the Hungarian National Bank. The license is subject to extremely strict rules, which Számlá fully complies with, therefore the security of our system is certified by the Hungarian National Bank.

When your customer transfers the amount, the reference must include the serial number or order number of the invoice / pro forma invoice.

Bank transactions can only be viewed by people with the user rights „account owner – fiókgazda”, „administrator – adminisztrátor”, „accountant – könyvelő” or “accountant (can issue invoices) – könyvelő (számlázhat)”. Bank transactions cannot be viewed by people with the user rights „invoicing – számlázó” or „kezelő – operator”.
The amounts transferred to your bank account appear in your invoicing account as soon as the data is received from the bank.
You can do this at any time on the settings page. Then you will not receive any more data from the bank in your invoicing account, but you will still find the data you have received so far.
Yes, you can also synchronize your invoicing user account with K&H Bank, MagNet Bank and Budapest Bank. We are continuously working to integrate other banks with Számlá

Customers using autokassza

Szonja Perényi
Marcella by Yum-Yum

There is always some new feature. Development is continuous at Számlá, and this is good for me because I know that I can always try the latest things in the invoicing market. This professional attitude inspires continuous development and improvement in my own work!

Beatrix Bedő
Impact Hub Budapest

I think this innovation is great, autokassza makes my life easier and has made my banking and invoicing processes much more transparent.

Viktória Doró
ReCity Magazin

Honestly, I have always kept myself away from being an entrepreneur precisely because accounting, invoicing, paperwork, administration were very scary…
Autokassza and Számlá are very good because they make the whole terrible procedure at least a little easier.

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