Ezt a cikket utoljára ezen a napon módosítottuk: 2020.07.26. Mindent megteszünk, hogy naprakész információt szolgáltassunk oldalunkon, de előfordulhatnak elavult információk korábbi bejegyzéseinkben. Ha elavult információt találsz, kérjük, hogy jelezd ügyfélszolgálatunknak. Köszönjük!

Many of you have requested this change, and it has been advancing well on our list of developments 🙂 We are happy to announce that the development of our Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) keys have been completed! In short, the key aspect of this innovation is that from now on, you can use our Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) interfaces with an API key instead of a user+pw set.

What is the Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) key?

It is a special identifier (API key) that enables you to use our Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) service in an even safer and easier way.

How is it different from the old solution?

Previously you had to use the Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) interfaces with a username/password set. For example, if you had a webshop, you had to provide the appropriate username/password set in the webshop (usually in a plugin created by external developers). From now on it will be enough to provide the Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) key.

This is also a great solution because this API key cannot be used to enter the system via the interface.

How long will integrations work with the earlier settings?

We will also support the use of Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) with a username/password set until we are certain that a substantial part of our users have switched to the new solution with the key successfully. For this purpose, it is essential that the developers of Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) plugins also implement this modification.

How can I create a Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) key?

The owner or administrators or the invoicing account are entitled to generate keys. After logging in, please navigate to the bottom of the user block on the control panel:

You can generate a new key by clicking on the key icon on the right hand side of the Számla Agent kulcsok (Invoice Agent keys) block:

The key is created immediately and appears in the list. The key can be easily placed on the clipboard by clicking on the icon besides it (in this case, the Copied to clipboard (Vágólapra másolva) feedback appears dimly.

From now on, there is nothing to do on our side, and the copied key must be set ‘on the other side’ – in the settings of the webshop, a special plugin, an external program or some configuration file. You may even ask the developers of the system using Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) to place the provided key in the appropriate part of the code.

What shall I do if I do not need a key any more?

The Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) key can be deleted without a problem. You can initiate this by clicking on the trash icon on the right side of the row. Then we ask another confirmation question because deletion cannot be undone.

Please note that if you delete a key that is used by some external system, the external system will not have access to the Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) interfaces after the deletion of the key!

Can I have a Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) key in a #free account?

Yes, you can. You still cannot create multiple users if you have a #free account, but you may create multiple keys regardless of the service package.

I am a developer. What else should I know?

This short part is for developers only. The XSD was expanded in connection with the development of the API key, one line was added, and two existing lines were modified. (For example, we show the invoice generating interface code below):

The parameter denoted by the arrow is new, that is, we expect the key in the field szamlaagentkulcs within beállítások (settings) when sending in the XML. At the same time, the felhasznalo (user) and jelszo (password) fields are not mandatory any more. For more information, see the Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) documentation.