Have you spent evenings with searching among the invoices of your business?

Switch to autokassza to synchronize incoming transfers with your issued invoices automatically!



Have you spent evenings with searching among the invoices of your business?

Switch to autokassza to synchronize incoming transfers with your issued invoices automatically!


autokassza advantages

Have you ever experienced spending hours with trying to figure out which of your partners had already settled their invoices? Has it already happened that you did not have enough time for the administration of your invoicing during business hours?

Autokassza releives you you from the tasks of checking issued invoices and bank transfers that takes a lot of time and energy and is barely fun to do. With the help of our service, outgoing invoices and transfers received by the bank are automatically synchronized, therefore you can reduce your administrative burden.

Using Számlá’s autokassza service, you are free from constantly monitoring the payment deadlines of the issued invoices any more, because all of this will happen automatically. Even quite complex workflows can be substituted: for example, it is enough to issue a pro forma invoice, Számlá will be notified of the amount received and will automatically prepare the invoice, closing the commercial process without human intervention.

Why is this good for me?

Banks with autokassza availability

mbh korábban mkb
mbh korábban takarékbank
OTP Bank autokassza
UniCredit autokassza
WISE autokassza

Frequently asked questions

The autokassza service is available to you in the #digital and #profi packages.

When your customer transfers the amount, the reference column must include the serial number or order number of the invoice / pro forma invoice. Autokassza uses this data to synch the invoice with the transfer.

Bank transactions can only be viewed by people with the user rights „account owner – fiókgazda”, „administrator – adminisztrátor”, „accountant – könyvelő” or “accountant (can issue invoices) – könyvelő (számlázhat)”. Bank transactions cannot be viewed by people with the user rights „invoicing – számlázó” or „kezelő – operator”.

Yes. This means that amounts transferred to your bank account will appear in your invoicing account as soon as the data is received from the bank.

You can do this at any time on the settings page. Then you will not receive any more data from the bank in your invoicing account, but you will still find the data you have received so far.

Autokassza is currently available for the following banks:

We are continuously working to integrate as many banks as possible with Számlá

In the case of K&H Bank, MBH Bank (formerly MKB Bank, Budapest Bank or Takarékbank), OTP Bank and UniCredit Bank, autokassza connections must be renewed every 180 days, while in the case of CIB Bank, MagNet Bank and Wise this period is 90 days.

We will send you a reminder message 8 days before the expiration of your autokassza connection, which we will repeat two days before the expiry date in which we will also describe what you need to do to renew it. You can check the validity period of your current connection here.

It is worth renewing the validity of the connection before it expires, the renewal process is exactly the same as the connection.

If you want to use autokassza with bank accounts at different banks, you can do so without any problems. In this case, if the value of an invoice will be received on any of your bank accounts, the matching of the invoice and transaction will work.

In the case of some banks, it is already possible to connect several bank accounts with the same bank to your billing account.

With autokassza we match not only the incoming transactions with the invoices you issue, but also automatically assign the transfers you initiate to the invoices issued to you.

In this case, it is important that you include the serial number of the payment receipt accurately and separately in the notification of the transfer you initiated, so that the system will handle the process without any problems.

If the pairing does not happen automatically (for example, due to an incorrect notification), it is possible to pair them manually.

Bank transaction data is synchronised 90 daysretroactively in the case of CIB Bank, K&H Bank, Magnet Bank, MBH Bank (formerly MKB or BB), OTP Bank and Wise, 60 days in case of UniCredit Bank, while for MBH Bank (formerly Takarékbank) it is 30 days.
Számlá launched autokassza within the framework of its AISP license issued by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank. The license is subject to extremely strict rules, which Számlá fully complies with, so the security of our system is certified by MNB.

Customers using autokassza

Szonja Perényi
Marcella by Yum-Yum

There are always new features. Development is continuous at Számlá, and this is good for me because I know that I can always try the latest things in the invoicing market. This professional attitude inspires continuous development and improvement in my own work!

Beatrix Bedő
Impact Hub Budapest

I think this innovation is great, autokassza makes my life easier and has made my banking and invoicing processes much more transparent.

Viktória Doró
ReCity Magazin

Honestly, I have always kept myself away from being an entrepreneur precisely because accounting, invoicing, paperwork, administration were very scary.…
Autokassza and Számlá are very good because they make the whole terrible procedure at least a little easier.

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