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Visma Group and Számlázz.hu have signed a partnership agreement

Press Release – 5. October 2018, Budapest

Számlázz.hu Visma logo

Visma Group is a privately held company based in Oslo (Norway) that provides cloud-based business solutions, retail IT solutions and IT related development and consultancy. Visma Group and Számlázz.hu have signed an agreement whereby Visma acquires 50 percent of the shares of Számlázz.hu. Apart from retaining and enhancing the high-quality customer-oriented services accustomed to 100,000 users at Számlázz.hu, cooperation also opens new horizons for Hungarian users. The purpose of Számlázz.hu through joint venture with Visma Group is to launch such IT and financial services for Hungarian SMEs which are currently unprecedented in Hungary.

Számlázz.hu is leading expert of online invoicing in Hungary, which has been operating since 2005. It was the first Software as a Service company to spread e-invoicing in Hungary, has launched unique e-commerce services and implemented the first business fintech solution in Hungary, called autokassza (autocashier).

Számlázz.hu now shifts to a new level, as part of it’s new three-year strategy. Beside the online invoicing solutions it plans to introduce new business administration support solutions and financial services to micro- and SME businesses which are currently unprecedented in Hungary. As in 2011 Számlázz.hu brought a paradigm shift that turned up the invoicing market, now Számlázz.hu plans to do it again.The Hungarian technology company is about to launch a wide range of innovative business services in cooperation with international strategic partner, Visma Group.

Visma Group’s philosophy about business and value creation is closely related to Számlázz.hu’s. The control of the company remains in the hands of the founders thus
Számlázz.hu’s customers will not perceive any changes in the core business as the leading online invoicing company will continue to provide it’s well-known business services with the same pricing and ever-expanding comfort solutions. „The vision of Számlázz.hu has always been to establish innovative services for entrepreneurs. Visma Group also shares this vision and will support our future developments with its international knowledge and experience. This partnership will help to fulfil our future strategy and open additional opportunities of delivering high-value business services for our clients, thus they will benefit from the joint innovation capacity and agility” – says László Stygár, co-founder and Chief IT Architect at Számlázz.hu.

The partnership agreement between Számlázz.hu and the Visma Group was realized as a result of a nearly one year process. During this time, Számlázz.hu doubled the number of it’s registered users. The transaction process were supported by Invescom as an M&A advisor, and the SmartCommerce Consulting as strategic advisor.

About Számlázz.hu

Számlázz.hu is the leading expert of online invoicing since the launch in 2005. The company’s 100,000 registered users have issued 42 million paper and electronic invoices up to now. Számlázz.hu provides full-scale online invoicing in alignment of the rules of Hungarian Tax Authority. All basic functionality required for law-abiding invoicing is free of charge. The user community of Számlázz.hu consists Hungary’s most successful, innovative thinking entrepreneurs who are responsible for the fact that more than half of the invoices issued through the system are e-invoices. Among Számlázz.hu’s 100 000 users there are large companies such as Jegy.hu, JátékNet, Decathlon, Libri, Jófogás, Sziget Kft.. Számlázz.hu’s strategic partners are MagNet Bank, OTP SimplePay, BIG FISH Payment Gateway.

About Visma Group

The Visma Group comprises five software business areas which correspond with Visma’s strategic positions in important segments: SMB, Enterprise, Commerce Solutions, Custom Solutions and Retail. Visma is present in twelve countries with a pivot in Northern Europe. Our headquarter is located in Oslo, Norway.

CEO: Øystein Moan
Revenue 2017: NOK 9,146 million
EBITDA 2017: NOK 2,096 million
Employees 2018: 8,500
Customers 2018: 800,000